Be Kind


I was sitting in the lunch room this past week, reading my book when a conversation made me perk up. One of my co-workers was speaking about her mother going out of the house and getting yelled at. That in itself doesn’t mean too much, however my co-worker and her mother wear a hijab. Slightly different flavour when you put that descriptive sentence in. My coworker was humourous about it and it did make us laugh. Her mother had started to walk to work and was at the mailbox when someone yelled, “YOU B*TCH! You babykiller!!” My co-worker jokingly said, “My mother is Canadian enough that she looked around thinking “Who are they yelling at?”. Then she realized it was her.” She was so in shock that she went back to the house. She started out again and made it to the school when someone else yelled at her.

It was interesting because my coworker then stated, “That never happened even after 911.” Boston happened on Monday….her mother got yelled at on Tuesday.

I’m not going to speculate why her mother got yelled at. I don’t know…though the occurences of Boston and the yelling incident do seem a little coincidental don’cha think? My co-worker is bubbly, she is hard working, she cares so much for the clients we serve, she has cool clothes, she loves to shop, and she has a fantastic sense of humour. She is someone I am proud to work with. I can only assume she was taught well at home … probably by her mother.

I won’t lie – I’ve made snap judgements on others. We’re human, I get it. However, I try to always get to know someone before I think they are an idiot. For whatever reason that person yelled at my co-workers mom, I hope they realized what they did was wrong. We need to get to know others. We need to get to know our community. We need to get to know our neighbours. We need to be gracious. We need to be accepting. We need to be helpful. We need to question, not make assumptions. We need to do a whole bunch of stuff. Most importantly we need to be kind. I think if everyone could figure that out, we’d be a much better community.

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