Ice Ice Bunnyhug

I was reading the National Post, (I know shocking isn’t it? Me a reality tv connoisseur reading the National Post. Next will be the Globe and Mail just to have people fall over in disbelief 🙂 )when I came across an article that made me light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle. (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????)

Vanilla Ice Goes Amish is a real tv show? *silence* Lord love a duck. I have an awesome idea for my show talking about bunnyhugs (I had to look it up – you want to know you look it up as well) and no takers, yet Vanilla Ice gets to go Amish? Wasn’t his renovation show enough? And next year his family will get a new reality show as they renovate their house? Don’t they have enough? Isn’t it time for a new face (MEEEEEE!!!!) on reality tv? I have braces and prescription drugs to pay for darn it!!

(sidenote: I can’t sing very well and my acting skills don’t measure up to professionals. Dancing….as comedy maybe … Writing a book – attention span and really what are the odds someone will sign me? ….Hence reality TV – The Kardashians of Canada 🙂 … we’re totally alike!! Well except for the fact ah um my family is poor and live in an arctic tundra….and we don’t own one house never mind five…and we vacation in our backyard as opposed to tropical beaches….the crowds you know )

The commentor Twrecks after the article had me giggling out loud.

“I get it, you just want us to flip out that rappers have something else to turn to when they decide to use a belt for their pants. I just threw my TV out the window. I think it landed on Flava Flav.”

I wish I had a quick wit like that. I want to meet Twrecks. S/He sounds fun. I bet they like chocolate.

Finding out about the ins and outs of Amish carpentry isn’t the highest on my to do list. I guess though even once-upon-rappers have to find another career once they get older and the hanging pants just don’t hang as they once they did. Well Vanilla – I wish you well!! Maybe your next reality show could be “Translating rap lyrics into English”?


Meanwhile—– TLC I’m waiting for your call!!!!

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