These are my new shoes 🙂 Aren’t these ballet flats divine?!?!? I wore them for a first communion yesterday. They were so comfortable. I can see why people sometimes —- and I stress sometimes —- buy name brand. They were $75.00 on sale for $19.99. This is the only way I can afford to buy quality. I like my new shoes. They make me feel thin.

Speaking of first communions – when did people stop dressing up for church? Never mind church, just special occasions? I saw tanks, shorts, running shoes, and even sweats. I am the queen of being comfortable, but sometimes I long for yesteryear. I know in this picture my feet look young, but I’m turning 37. (In my head I’m 21 but that’s another story). I remember being tortured with wearing a scratchy dress when I was in the single digits to my great aunts birthday. I miss those bad 70’s and 80’s fashions. People dressed up back then.

Next special occasion I go to and you’re there, please at least put on some fancy special shoes like my new shoes. Lets dress up again!!

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