So I’m a little worried.  Here in Ontario, we’ve been having great weather.  See picture below.


The snow has been gone for a couple of weeks.  The ground is dry.  Today in the afternoon we should be feeling like 21 degrees Celsius.  In Saskatchewan where we will be there is still snow.  The ground is wet.  They are in flood mode.  It will only feel like 8 degrees……well at least it won’t feel like minus 21 like I saw last week.  In Ontario we were in the teens and I started hyperventilating when I saw that.

My friend lived in Alberta and told me to relax – it’s just snow.  The prairies gets winter and cold and you wear parkas that you can’t tell if the person is a man, woman or abominable snowman.  (With my luck I’d bump into the abominable snowman and he would take me hostage further up into the arctic tundra)

As much as I want to stay here, I know that it will be better for us to go.  I just have to get over the fact that sometimes in the winter if you are out to long in the cold your lungs will explode.  (Explode … collapse… same difference)  Apparently this doesn’t phase Saskatchewanians.  I can tell you me – it phases me it phases me!!!


I’ve also been re-thinking my reality tv dream.  Instead of TLC, who still isn’t returning my tweets, maybe I should set my sights on the government of Saskatchewan.  I could be the next commercial on Canada’s TV!!!  Saskatchewan could send us everywhere, and we would show others the beauty of living in the land of skies.  I’m sure that there is.  I’ve been there a few times as I have a lot of family there – no jokes here please.  I’ve been to Qu’appelle Valley, which is really nice.  I’ve been to Watrous and gone swimming in the well known, (Honestly, I by accident found it when I was researching something.  I had no clue about them.  I doubt that many people in Canada know about it either), healing waters of Lake Manitou.  The Dead Sea in the middle of Canada – who would have thunk it?    

I hope that I say soon, I am moving to Saskatchewan… not say Saskatchewhere?

…….the whole lung thing though is gonna perturb me …….

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