…le sigh…

Another reality show has been added to your line up.  And while I’m happy the person got signed to have one….really?  Who thinks of this stuff?


From the Toronto Star, transgender model Jenna Talackova gets a reality TV show.  She states it’ll be fun letting others get to see her next steps going for her dreams.  Good for her. Honestly, it’ll be cool for the transgendered community to be able to have a public role model.  I don’t know her, but she seems nice in the papers.

Here’s my thought though….why do they have so many reality tv shows with rich/well-to-do/doing great people?  I’m getting tired of all the Housewives shows.  I’m getting tired of watching well-to-do people pretend they have it rough.  That’s not reality to me.  Reality is watching someone do magic accounting so they can keep both gas for warmth and food for consumption in the house.  The reality game shows are a little different.  I know I would be able to compete in those.

I’d like to see a family trying to get by portrayed.  I’ve been offering mine for years!!  With our new adventure coming up – who wouldn’t want to see me navigate streets that apparently aren’t plowed in the winter? Really Saskatchewan ????  You guys get pummeled with 20 feet of snow in one day and you haven’t figured out how to create a budget to plow streets?  From what I’ve been told it’s a free for all for drivers trying to get to work.  In my little tiny Toyota Yaris…this could spell a bit of trouble for me.  I could be  probably know I’m tin foil on wheels.  Reality tv could find me trying to figure out how to buy a tank to drive in the winter there.  Trust me, it’s something I’ve pondered.

And who wouldn’t want to see the family try to figure out small town life after living in and around Toronto for our whole lives?  This I’m thinking is comedy at it’s best…and good reality!!!  See TV production people – there’s a winner here!!!

So, E!  I have a pitch for you!!  It’ll be fun, it’ll be insane, there will be laughter and there will be tears.  What more can you ask for?  Well…besides a target market that will watch the show.  But come on!!  There are 1 million people in Saskatchewan.  They’re proud of their province – they’ll watch it!!  Corner Gas did amazing 🙂


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