You ever have one of the years? Where life keeps throwing you curveball after curveball but instead of hitting them you keep getting hit in the arm as you try to swing. Substitute arm for head and that would be me. (You’re probably feeling not so bad about your bad day now huh? 😉 )

Friends and family know we’ve been through the ringer. It’s not something you can hide. Plus I’ve been quite open and honest about what’s been happening. Some things that are going on I want people to know.  (Long story not for the internet)  It isn’t in a bid for sympathy, but just a ‘my life is an Alfred Hitchcock movie right now. Please bear with me for the next few months while we try to sort it all out”.

I just got the best most awesome message on Facebook. A friend I don’t see often emailed me to see how I was. She knows I am a pretty big fan of NKOTB, (no judgement calls here. They are awesome. I love them. Their music makes me happy.) and asked if I had gotten tickets. With all that’s on my plate I told her no and some things aren’t meant to be.  Okay – here is the awesomeness part – the absolutely I have faith in humanity again part – she offered two tickets for DD11 and I to the June 7 NKOTB show.  Her and her husband’s treat.

My eyes glazed over in tears.  Life might be making me what to curl up in a ball and weep with frustration, anxiety and hopelessness but sometimes a beautiful soul does something to restore your hope.  I wrote previously in another post, be kind.  You don’t have to give someone a gift to be kind – this one just worked in my favour (JOKE) – but even a smile to someone you may not know is going down a path of despair might give that bit of encouragement to keep on trying and have hope for a better world.


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