Why so glum chum?


I’m sitting on my couch thinking. Not sunshine and lollipops thoughts, but more wistful kinda wish life was different thoughts. Kinda I wish for something spectacular to happen and make life wondrous again.

With everything that’s happened, and maybe the greyness out my sliding door, I’m yearning for that jolt that will bring positive energy. It’s been on my mind for weeks now how much I wish I had the opportunity to live in a different country. The USA would be the closest – I’ve been having daydreams of working with seniors in a day centre during the week and playing in a Florida ocean on the weekends.

Or possibly my spectaculariousity (yes it’s a word I declare it!!!) will be winning a whole bunch of money and DD11 will not have to worry about university. …. …. My ‘thoughtfulness’ is thinking about how I wish we had the means to give DD11 the things kids from high incomes are fortunate enough to get. I can’t afford a week up north at some lovely resort with the family.

Maybe this blog should be directed to bringing forth the plight of the mom who is struggling? …. I don’t know…

Yes, we should be grateful for what we have. I agree….. but it’s ok to have days like this where you wish for life to be magically awe inspiring for a few moments in time – I give you permission 🙂

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