My family loves me despite my ‘plans’ :)

So……I’ve been thinking…..this is never good for those who are in my path 🙂

It’s no secret as you can tell by my past posts that I would love to be a reality tv family.  I think we would do FANTASTIC!!  Well that and the fact I have braces to pay for the imp and have no clue on God’s green …well sorta brown lately.. earth I’m going to pull off that financial feat.  When we made the decision to move to Saskatchewan, I was all “it’s flat, there’s nothing there, even Canadians don’t go there on vacation, it’s bloody cold”.  Then I had the brilliant idea that I could be a quote unquote travel blogger.  I thought it was fantastic idea!!  I could write about the cool things we did in Saskatchewan.  I didn’t even want to get paid…well just the money to get there and do the cool stuff.  (Do you think Cypress Hill’s zip-lining likes … chubby well insulated people?)  I figured something that would ‘pay’ me would come up after that.

Then I found out that Tourism Saskatchewan employed some travel bloggers for the summer.  And I must admit I got a little teary eyed.  The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  But then I thought about it again.  (This is where the Lord giveth back.)  These travel bloggers are from Saskatchewan.  They are writing from the love they have for the province.  People aren’t going to be pulled in by their eloquent wordings about the beauty of the province.  My dad was born there.  He and my mom moved back about seven years ago.  They are my parents and I’m not even pulled in by their “It’s a dry cold, so it’s not like the humid cold you get in Ontario”.  Stupid, eye ball freezing cold is stupid, eye ball freezing cold.  I don’t buy their words of comfort for a second.  Plus the fact these bloggers are probably writing about the lovely areas.  If I was writing for Ontario, I would definitely not be showing the green, waters of Lake Ontario where you can see 3 eyed fishes.  (Though honestly it is a tourist destination for those that enjoy the different)  Point Pelee would totally win this draw…at least that’s what the commercial on tv would have me believe :l

In Ontario on the boardwalk in small town Georgetown.  Gorgeous view.

In Ontario on the boardwalk in small town Georgetown. Gorgeous walk to do. 

Saskatchewan wants tourists.  I’m thinking what better way to advertise to them then someone who isn’t a Saskatchenite Saskatachwanian Saskatchewanite from Saskatchewan…though will I be when I move there?  Whatever… Saskatchewan wants tourists.   What better way to show Saskatchewan but through the eyes of someone is is actually playing tourist as they get to know their new land?  I even have a following back in Ontario….potential tourists… on twitter and facebook.  At least twenty of them have to be real right? I bet the Saskatchewan travel bloggers only have Saskatchewan followers.  I feel I may have more of a draw to reel in some economy boosters!!

So that’s my idea for today 🙂 Awesome and down right simple huh?  … Ya – I thought it was brilliant myself LOL.  I will also need a smart phone with data though to post the pictures Saskatchewan travel blogger gods.  Not sure if you guys have the same insane rates for cell phones that we do in Ontario.  If so….yeah…I can’t afford to real time pics on twitter.

Ah well….my quest for reality stardom hithers farther and yonderer by the minute… at least I’m smiling as I go.  Need to find a new dream.  Like I need a good job new province.  Hire me when I get there 😉 My college education wants to be used properly 🙂





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