Every bit counts

Walmarts mom of the year contest is coming to a close. I’ve been reading some of the nominations and its been awe inspiring what some of the moms of Canada are doing. It makes me so proud to be a Canadian, woman and mother. We are amazing!!! All of us!!!

I was blessed enough to have someone vote me in. It made me smile to know that family and friends are proud and in awe of me for what I have accomplished in my life. I know though, I won’t win. I won’t even get in the top 8. That whole community involvement part is the downfall for my claim to fame. (I say that with a smile)

It doesn’t bother me, but it did make me wonder something. You see, my life right now I don’t have time for community involvement on the level that other mothers have. I work…weird hours so I can’t commit. Due to the sidekicks health issues, I may be at a hospital till 2am and then getting up at 6 to go to work. I’m making sure the imp doesn’t feel lost in the chaos that is sometimes our life. (This out of province move..OMG this is making me want to buy stock in chocolate I’m so stressed! LOL).

People don’t see the little things I do for my community. The things I can do now for this moment in time. The food bank gets a donation when I grocery shop. The trash gets picked up from the sidewalk when we are out on a walk. Giving information to friends/family/people in the community who may be in need of assistance. Little things that help my neighbourhood, my community better 🙂 Every bit counts no matter how small it is.

I’m starting to wonder if this blog should be an advocate for the mom who doesn’t have the time, money, or resources that it seems I see other moms have on the Internet……. Thought to ponder eh! The things I could do if i had time 🙂 Correct me if I’m wrong about this thought.

My question I guess is who do you think is a mom of the year? A mom who may have had life hand them a lemon but are still smiling as they try to get to the other side? A mom who is struggling to keep her family together and you are in awe of what she has been able to do. I know my life is hard and friends/family say they would have thrown in the towel long ago. But I know there are women who have it tougher then me. But they persevere and make their communities better bit by bit.

In the meanwhile here is the link to my cool mom of the year nomination 🙂



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