My list

Its coming closer our time to move to the land of the great big sky. There are a lot of emotions and nervousness but because of what cannot be named on the internet its a good thing to go. Except for the fact i might die of cold, our mental health will hopefully be better. I’ve been thinking we will need to fit in as we will be the newcomers. So my list of things to learn so I fit in…

1. Learn to skate cuz it’s cold there and everyone skates I’ve heard
2. Learn to like hockey as whenever I check online news there is always a story about hockey
3. Are wine coolers allowed in beer cups or is that like a faux pas?
4. Learn how to drive on unshovelled snow (might become a snow shovel lobbyist)
5. Which brings us to the next point of learning how to snow shoe. The imp will be pleased I’m sure with that one 🙂
6. Learn to like country music. Blake shelton is winning me on that one. Thank you The Voice!
7. Learn to go through life at a much slower pace (I am liking that one)
8. Which brings us to learn I am not driving on the 401 but the transcanada highway. Difference 14 lanes versus 2 and 1 million cars an hour versus 4 a day. (I drove it once – this seemed weird to me)
9. I’ve heard people there really like to fish….I was 5 and visited my dido (grandpa) in Saskatchewan one summer. He took my siblings and parents fishing one day. I went looking for mushrooms and flowers. A deed I think that saddened him to the day he died. Saskatchwanians Saskatchewanites I have no idea what they are called… people from Saskatchewan really like their fishing. This one might be the hardest one point to overcome.
10. Learn how many people I am actually related too (I heard its a lot … Like there is actually a little village with my maiden name) and make them my family so that we aren’t so lonely. I’m an awesome person and my smiles are like sunshine so they have to like us :).. .. .. .. Please

Nerves are getting to me….. It’s coming fast….


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