Twitter Scares The Crap Out Me Sometimes

Sometimes twitter scares the crap out of me.

I joined to be part of a community that would accept my humour, ideas and NKOTB obsession. I love blog writing, – I’ve started three blogs and this latest one seems to be the best. (Have I finally found my groove *gasp ?) – but am no where near the caliber and readership of those I follow or who follow me. I look at those that follow me and think how did that happen? #confusedlooked #butgrateful.

Today I saw I had a connect notice. Devin D Thorpe followed me. He’s a Forbes contributor. Have no clue how he found me as my tweets during that hour were based on Kim Kardashian and if she was going to sell pictures of her baby (I would – braces to pay for. She can afford the braces so hopefully not – and if the Kardashian’s were American royalty – to which I wrote being famous for reality tv does not a royal family make. I am open to my family being reality as again the braces people… and you see people I sometimes tweet about not very …ah… Intellectual things tee hee ) I’m worried my tweets aren’t smart enough. I then realized it was probably an auto follow….though to be honest I’m not sure how that works. Within a few hours he’ll .. or his team .. will stop following me.

I also have three accounts that retweet me every time I tweet @tlc. Have no clue how all that works….which I think brings up my klout score but have no idea how klout works and that’s a whole different other blog post.

You see, twitter scares the crap out of me because I have no idea how some things happen. I imagine that someone on the other end of my Internet connection is laughing as they randomly press buttons to confuse me.

Yet I’m oddly drawn to the connections and conversations that happen. The twitter world is immense and I enjoy being part of that chaos…..who knows ya know- this year has been so crap filled that maybe my luck of being found and becoming a paid blogger or even better yet A REALITY TV SHOW 🙂 will come to fruition…..the braces people … Gotta figure out how to afford the braces…..


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