Life …. busy …. wait for me….

I’m sitting in the library right now just chilling.  I’m okay with that.  It’s been so busy lately that I am literally at the end of my rope, chair, …. sanity.  With the move coming up in 6 DAYS!?!?!?! I’m so emotional charged it isn’t funny.

I know it’s a good thing to move.  Financially there is just no way to do it here in Ontario on my own. (The sidekick went on disability about 6-7 years ago when his eye sight went).  The imp will be able to do more in Saskatchewan which is good.   I have the best kid in the world.  She does not like it at all, but she understands why we have to move.  This is when having only one child sucks though.  With a sibling the move would have been a little bit more bearable for her.  My parents moved all the time when I was younger.  Even though one sibling was 5 years older and one 7 years younger that were the closest in age to me, we at least had each other.  (Altogether there are 7 siblings.  Stories galore there like when my brother and I made up an imaginary world in the backyard and called it WAWA.  Holy crap were we shocked when we found out it was a real place.  I always imagine a child was with their parents and said wawa and the founders heard and said sure man, that sounds cool….but it wasn’t and all the townspeople were unhappy).

I’m off topic…again… life…busy… wait for me…. I’m here just be patient.  This year has been filled with pain, sorrow, and a few good times thank God.  I am blessed with the sidekick and the imp.  I have it better then others.  But I’m tired right now.  The move, the extreme anger at why we are moving, the being in limbo as we wait to move…. I just hope and pray it around the corner life becomes wonderous again.

“After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

You agree with the quote?

3 thoughts on “Life …. busy …. wait for me….

  1. It is hard to wait, especially once a mind is made up to do something or speak to someone or react to something. It is also really hard to wait for news, whether good or bad…However, live life as it it is a true blessing.

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