The View

T minus 4 days to moving ….. I really must google that phrase to find out where it came from.

Nonetheless 4 more days until the great journey begins. Yes, even though I’m shaking in my flip flops and a had a nightmare about igloos and bathing suits (the complete details were horrid – you don’t want to know – plus I forget now) about the lung exploding cold, I’m going to be brave and call it a journey. The imp would be so proud 🙂

It was her last day today. I stood by the car and had tears as my baby hugged her friends for the last time. It never ceases to amaze me the emotions you have for your own offspring. One can understand the primate documentaries when the gorilla mum decimates the other gorillas for trying to take the baby’s food. (I totally made that sentence up. I at this moment can only remember the one where they ate their own green feces…making something up sounded better)

Right now this is my view …


For this moment when everything is quiet and I’m able to relax for the first time in months … I’m gonna enjoy it. And I’m going to have to remember when we move to take time to enjoy the view there too. Even snow at the right vantage point looks like tiny diamonds ….. Ah whom am I kidding ? It’s bloody cold – please send wool clothing 😉

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