The drive…the long long drive….

It’s been an interesting few days. Laughter and tears and truth be told sobbing. We left Ontario on Tuesday and reached Saskatchewan on Saturday. Ontario – always will it be my home. Saskatchewan – let’s see what happens.


We tried camping for one night in the middle of nowhere. It is something I will never do again. Whoever thought of the concept of tent camping was a sad sick sadistic bastard. The black flies were the size of bees.

Ontario is majestically beautiful…..and stupidly vast. It was almost like a vacuum. We drove 2 km and it sucked us back in 1 it took so long to drive out.

Manitoba was flat…very very flat. I think what surprised us was the lack of traffic. This is a Manitoba highway, the Ontario equivalent would be the 400.


After driving in the GTA, this was quite the culture shock. You become aggressive in Ontario. I found in the west people actually used the left lane for passing and basically drove according to the rules. Mind boggling to say the least.

It was interesting being with my parents for that long too. They live in Saskatchewan and drove out with us. My dad makes friends wherever he goes and regardless if the person wants to be his friend or not LOL. Though I wasn’t LOL-ing when a girl who was 10 years my junior who lived in my home town and went to a different school board never mind school was pulled out of her work in the middle of northern Ontario to come say hi to me because we might (?) know each other and we both stared at each other like wth? TLC – you missed out on great footage here. Millions would of laughed. And would have keeled over laughing when we got to Manitoba and decided to go to a rest stop for dinner…which was by a river…where there were a million mosquitoes…and we slapped each other and probably poisoned ourselves as we sat near 5 million of those mosquito coils. At that moment in time I didn’t care. I jut wanted to not have bites anymore. So much footage TLC. The bites were from monster sized black flies and mosquitoes.


We are now in our new abode. We are safe. We are together. We have opportunity. We are family…….but me and the imp we are sad. We have our tearfests. We want to go home. But we know that we don’t have a home in Ontario anymore. Maybe one day again, but not now. I hope one day Ontario will be a land where those who were born there and are lower income can afford to stay in a decent house and afford to bring up their children. ……

Someone in Saskatchewan want to be our friends?

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