The natives are friendly

After the busyness and modernness of Toronto and the GTA, moving to small town Saskatchewan is like stepping back in time to the 70’s. I don’t mean that to sound bad at all. It’s just different is all. The culture shock we’re going through is wowzer!!

The sidekick was telling me that for him a small town feels like a small town. Sidewalks, paved roads, busy streets… airplanes in the sky! Here in Saskatchewan it feels like you’re in country. In the middle of this city gravel roads, roads that haven’t been repaired in years and buildings that are less then five floors. We have yet to see a plane in the sky…..think what you will its weird. It’s like you’re cut off from the world without that plane of people from different lands coming and going into your piece of the world. Trust me, it’s the little things you don’t think of that you miss. Well I don’t miss having fecal matter dropped into my yard to be honest LOL.

Today though we went to the Gallagher Centre. I didn’t take any pictures so go check them out at That way I can’t be accused of copyright or stealing or something. It’s a lovely small town water centre……that has way more to offer then the swimming pool in my old neighbourhood. My dad took this picture. The imp going up the rock wall. How cool is that?


They have a wave pool, 3 story water slide and a lazy river. It is an awesome place to kick back, relax and enjoy some time. The imp was able to play with friends her own age. I spoke with another mom who told me about how 14 years ago it went to -70……..the whole hot tub laughed when I swore and nearly fainted. Shite dudes….get debt free and get out of dodge is all I’m thinking. And most pleasantly my dad did not get talked to by a security guard or police officer when he tried to talk to a young boy to make friends with the imp. A caring grandpa he is trying to to get the imps play dates so she can make friends in this new land, but society does frown on elderly men chatting up young boys. The imp did end up playing with his sister and him as we’ll so I guess the ends justified the means?!?! :). TLC ….. imagine what you could dowith this footage hee hee !!

The natives were friendly though. More so then I thought they would be. The chief librarian is actually a native of Ontario and when we went there she stated Yorkton is one of the friendliest places she’s been. I have to agree with her. Friendly people who come with great advice of getting a heavy duty parka for the winter and buy long johns……I’m so screwed….. :l

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