The imps wise words

Two days ago I turned 37. My mind still has not grasped the concept because it thinks it’s still 26. I remember when I was in my teens thinking someone my age was old. Yes I have some grey hair that the hair dye doesn’t really cover (note to self : start saving for a professional dye job ) and I noticed a wrinkle around my eye brow (note to self: start using the deadpan face so no more wrinkles come. Who cares if people think I’m unemotional. It’s what’s on the inside that counts darn it) and I’m starting to see why they kept telling me stay active at an early age cuz it’s getting harder to get up from a crouching position on the floor…but in no way am I old… I don’t think….

The imp wrote me a lovely birthday email. There was no mention of my pending aging doom of death.


I’m gonna take her lead and know that I am awesome and a true essence of everything grand. She’s pretty wise for her age.

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