Dear @WalmartCanada

Dear Walmart,

I was going to just write this in your contact us section, but 1000 characters are not enough for what I want to convey.  So sadly, I will do it here and hopefully you read this.  I did submit my short comment though.  Hope you get that 🙂

My trip today to Yorkton Walmart today (Thursday August 1) was disappointing and frustrating.  Usually my family and I enjoy low prices and prompt answers to our questions.

Today we went to get something for the home, and made a detour in the electronics department.  We were very enthusiastic when we saw a samsung galaxy 10 inch screen tablet priced at $206.51.  The ticket said demo on it as you see in the picture below.


It says Demo…

Sadly the staff were unable to assist us as they were unable to let us buy the demo 2 version.  There were no other products on the shelf.  They said the 3 version was coming possibly in the next shipment.  We asked if we could speak to the departments manager manager.  We were told that the manager would give the same explanation and that when we came in the next time the price probably would be at the regular price of $348 that was below in the locked glass case and online.


The online price.

We were told that basically when we walked in the next time we would have to pay $348, and not the $206.51 for the demo.  Because apparently if the ticket says demo it really doesn’t mean that.  Which confused us.

This is why it frustrated us and disappointed us – 7 years ago my husbands sight began to deteriorate rapidly due to diabetes.  He cannot see tablets or even read a book his sight is so bad.  The samsung galaxy has a really great accessibility feature for the blind and visually impaired.  As he is visually impaired, he is on disability.  Which means not a lot of money in order to gain access to things that the sighted world takes for granted.  Studies have shown that the blind and visually impaired need assistance through interaction and technology to regain their independence and feel less isolated.  Those I know who are blind can’t say enough how being able to connect with others through the use of technology has helped their social isolation decrease.  Everyone in the visually impaired world will say how expensive it is though.  Being newcomers to Saskatchewan we are sadly finding out that it does not have a strong Assistive Device Program.  Which is why we were so happy to find this for my husband.  As a low income family, this would have been cool.

It saddens us a lot that staff were not able to help and allow us to purchase the tablet for the $206.51. It’s still a very high price for us, but to allow my husband access into a world that you and I take for granted is worth the pennies don’t you think?

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