Thank you @WalmartCanada

I was speaking with my brother this morning about my post.  We discussed a lot about the retail sector.  He told me about an incident that occurred when he was in a big box store (not Walmart) and an issue arose about a specific product.  The customer service he and his girlfriend received was appalling.  There was no help, no options, no dialogue between customer and employee.  He said he sent an email to their head office however nothing came out of it.

We’ve all been there.  We’ve been the customer that becomes irate over the lack of consideration or the lack of communication that someone doles out.  And most of us have been the employee – wondering why they took a job at minimum wage to be abused by irate customers.  I have to admit at the time, a part of me felt really really bad for the employees that they were dealing with an irate me.  The other part of me was just extremely angry.

Last night I was extremely frustrated.  Every avenue the sidekick and I could take was met with what seemed to be apathetic services.  Having worked in the retail sector for many years, I was not impressed at all with the manner the conversation went.  For myself, I would have made sure the customer left satisfied or at least brought to my superiors attention so they could appropriately deal with it —– and I could secretly yell at them in my reality.  (Come on, any one who has worked retail has totally had these thoughts!! Admit it!!)  I don’t believe the customer is always no means.  I do believe though that retail service clerks need to know how to deal with all sorts of issues in a pro-active manner.  It’s an extremely tough job though and I salute anyone who does it.

When I started filling out the customer comments last night on Walmarts online contact us form I started to think.  A lot of people get lost  in the shuffle that way.  I didn’t want to be lost in the shuffle. …. plus as I wrote before 1000 characters isn’t enough for my thoughts in any comment section never mind just theirs 🙂

I went online to this blog.  And I thank everyone who read.  I was stunned at how many people turned up in my feed.   On facebook, people commented how they agreed and that I should have taken further action.  There were a few comments about it, not just people pressing the like button.  I was just happy people read what I wrote to be honest.  Again, there was a lot of action on my feed.

But you know what’s really cool?  Walmart Canada read my words.  They probably wished I hadn’t written them, but they read my words nonetheless and they contacted me through twitter.  I have no idea what went on behind the scenes.  I have to admit I am curious to know…that would be the busy body in me.  Then again, it might not have been something I needed to hear LOL!!!   Kevin, the assistant manager from Yorkton Walmart gave me a call this afternoon.  He seemed very understanding to the plight I blogged about.  He was nice.  He was professional.  He could answer my questions.  He was upfront and said there was a miscommunication between staff and the price and us.  Again, his professionalism was amazing.  He then said a tablet was available at customer service with my name on it.  The price you ask?  $206.51.

So Walmart Canda – I graciously thank you for reading my words.  I thank you for getting in touch with me.  I thank you for honouring the price for us.  It’s heartfelt to know that a large corporation will have graciousness, integrity and decency to communicate with the little person.  I know for us, the piece of technology will make a difference in how the sidekick is able to communicate with the world.

And I hope Walmart Canada, you give accolades to Kevin.  He’s a pretty cool guy.


Kevin, Assistant Manager – you were most gracious to us – Thanks 🙂 The imp took the picture, so sorry it’s a little blurry.

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