Kindness In It’s Purest

The sidekick had an appointment couple of days ago with a new doctor – Dr. J  the podiatrist.  He invited me into the appointment with him so I could hear what the doctor had to say about the diabetic ulcer on his foot.  He knew if I didn’t hear it from the horses mouth, I’d keep looking at his feet thinking they were going to be cut off due to the severity of what I imagined.  Easier to keep me happy I suppose…

Dr. J is a transplant to Saskatchewan too.  She’s been here for 28 years from England.  I LOVED her accent and her personality and her love for life.  She asked how we were enjoying our new ‘home’.  I was blunt.  I’m ready to go home to Ontario.  I’m sad that family isn’t as connected as home.  I’m sad that people here seem okay to say hi, but have their own stuff going on.  I’m sad that at home, I tried so hard to make sure new neighbours, co-workers, family moving in from other provinces etc.. felt welcomed – here it isn’t reciprocated – which is really hard for me to swallow.  Not having girlfriends to talk with is really really difficult.  Trust me – don’t go out for girls night with your friends for two months and you’ll get depressed.  Sisterhood is so very important.  I don’t get it here – I am trying – but I don’t get it here.   I’m sad.  We talked about our background story, and how the sidekick however needs to be here for a bit before we can even contemplate if it’s feasible (financially/emotionally) to go home.

She told me it took her five years before she didn’t want to go home anymore.  She hoped we found community soon. She was awesome during the sidekicks appointment.

Later that day, I was downstairs doing something and came up the stairs.  There was Dr. J sitting at the kitchen island with my mom.  She said to me that it was friendship day.  She wanted to welcome us to Saskatchewan, and hoped that everything went well.  Then she gave me a bouquet of roses.

I was stunned silent.


We need more Dr. J’s in the world.

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