Am I A Snob? (because I’m from Ontario)

Before you say it’s only been two months, please note I know that. Before you say you need to try, please note that I am. I smile when I’m out. I don’t yell at people (at least not to them, just in my head), when I’m trying to find a parking spot and can’t because no one here can park. (seriously, there are signs) 20130813_130422——————————->

I go to places I might meet new people. People are lovely to say hi, but I get it – they have their own families, and at this stage their own friends they are busy with. I think my main stumbling block is leaving family back in Ontario. One of my sisters and I lived 10 minutes apart. We are best friends. Frickin’ sucks without her support.

Just so you know – I will continue to give the old college try. I’ve written about the good trips (our Saskatoon trip was amazing and will be blogging that soon) and I use this platform to vent. Like today….

I’m really curious…am I a snob because I lived my life in Ontario before coming to Saskatchewan ? Okay – let me back up…

The imp doesn’t have friends here really yet, so she hasn’t been able to play outside they way she did in the old neighbourhood. We’ve been trying to do fun things so she has a good summer. (guilt trips – they’re awesome) Today we decided to go to a water park. For all three of us it was $70. Good price you say? uh….not really.

I hate to make this comparison, but it’s the only way I can really explain. This water park made Wild Water Kingdom (a not really kept up park last time I was there but still fun) in Brampton, ON look like a Canada’s Wonderland water park. Here there were only 6 slides. A hot tub. A lazy river.

Only four slides were open. The sidekick, imp and I – we know our water slides. We’ve been to Canada’s Wonderland, Great Wolf Lodge, Wild Water Kingdom, …plus a bunch of different other ones. These slides, whoever made them was on acid. All of us got hurt. There was only one slide I didn’t. So – if you really want to try life and death water slides I have the place for you.

The sidekick struck his head so badly at the bottom. I watched the lifeguard, and she looked undecided about going up to him. She SAT there, while you could see him just staring off into space. I walked over calling his name and she followed me. She asked if he was ok, and he kinda mumbled yes – and she left to go back to her seat. Which made me cringe. I know lifeguards are teenagers but it really hit home how we trust teenagers with life and death situations. I have CPR/First Aid and have had so many medical issues/emergencies to deal with the sidekick that thankfully I was able to assess if he was okay. (He was – but he had a head ache the size of Canada).

They had a lifeguard at the top of the tamer slides. However the ones all three of us cracked our noggins on, had no life guards. (Just the ones at the bottom sitting on chairs chatting). I watched as a kid took his tube down the slide with another kid going 2 seconds after crashing the other one into a wall. This happened a lot. All I could think of were the lifeguards stationed everywhere at other water parks we’ve been to. They at least stopped people from taking this stupid risk. The Health and Safety officer in me was cringing…I’m not one – but I think I should be LOL. I’d annoy the hell out of so many people.

They opened two other slides …… for one hour….. The imp had fun, but one again I cracked my foot somewhere. I’m not sure what’s happening, because I love water slides. Again, these water slides were designed by someone on acid…

The hot tub was un-usable. (Is that a word?) It had a close sign. Which was a bummer. I asked one of the life guards if the close sign was for the lazy river too. She said no…we could use it.


This picture doesn’t do the true justice of the green water. Dirt was just in mounds all over. The bottom – paint was just peeling off everywhere. …….. We didn’t use it. It was gross. I had visions of me on a tube for an hour just reading my book while the imp and sidekick used the slides 😦

I didn’t take a picture of the changing room because .. well in this society it’s not smart to. I had gone in to use the washroom (flip flops never left my feet), and the floor was just covered in water. When the imp and I went back in about 1/2 hour later, someone had put up the wet floor sign….but had done nothing about the huge puddles of water from 1/2 hour before.

I had gone to the concession, and there was a sign that said they were sorry that the options were limited because they were only open for another week. I totally get that. What I don’t get, is we paid full price to use four slides. 6 slides for only an hour. We could not use the hot tub or lazy river. And we paid full price. All attractions should have been maintained for the last week. You don’t do that…do you?

We got hurt, we saw others get hurt, we saw people walking in the lazy river..which still blows my mind.


The 150 person hot tub that was closed. It had dark green water.

I didn’t say anything because no one else did. Everyone went on their way up the hill to use the slides laughing. We’ve been fortunate to go places that are …. well kept. It blew my mind that no one appeared to see what I saw. And I thought to myself, “Am I a snob because I’m use to Ontario standards?” Really – am I a snob?

…I think I’m a snob here… which is hilarious because I was a redneck in Ontario….

6 thoughts on “Am I A Snob? (because I’m from Ontario)

  1. wow id be like freaking mad complain and want my money back after I got treated for some fungal infection I prob caught geesh what a joke

    • That’s what I thought, but everyone looked like they were having fun 🙂 there was even a woman about my age in the change room in BARE feet!! I shuddered 😉

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