That’s what makes you beautiful

There have been positives to this move. Not a lot, but some. The best one – this summer I got to stay home with the imp. Before in Ontario, my job had me working a lot of weekends and nights. I didn’t see the imp very much. To many times I looked into the imps eyes saying “I’m sorry I can’t be there at your school” or “I’m sorry I can’t be there for the after school concert” or “You can’t be in that because I’m working and can’t drive you.” Unless you’ve been in this position, you really don’t know how much your heart breaks into a million pieces when they look at you in disappointment.

This summer has been about re-connecting with the imp. Enjoying her one liners, her humour, her infectious laugh, her empathy, genuineness and the insightful comments she has about life around her. She’s a brilliant child. I know you think yours is..but I know mine is ;). You can step into her world at Press With Jess.

Today we drove 2 1/2 hours to Regina so she could see a movie she has been dying to see. We could have stayed in our little town, but it only has one movie screen and was playing a different movie. And this movie – well it needed to be seen on an awesomely huge screen with surround sound. Yes – we went to see One Direction.

We talked in the car on the way there. We talked about Saskatchewan and back home.

Me: Where would you rather live?

Her: Where ever. Has. Less. Of. This. (pointing out window to flat landscape)

Me: *snorting* (the disdain in her voice was worthy of an oscar)


We made ourselves say at least 5 good things about moving here…we both only made in to four. Which is an improvement because the last time we only made it to three.

We talked about life, about how the sidekick is doing better, about opportunities and friends.

The movie – I loved it. It was lovely to hear her laugh and see her smile as her favourite band became larger then life for a couple of hours. Her favourite is Niall. I don’t regret at all driving what felt like forever across Saskatchewan. The boys were charming and funny. I laughed at their antics, and smiled at the obvious love their family and friends have for them. For me, my heart will always belong to New Kids On The Block, but I think for the way that One Direction has made her light up – I think my heart can have a little space for the Uk boys. (shhhhh don’t tell anyone but I sang along to the songs and now am the proud owner of one song called Little Things. It’s really good.) And the movie reminded me of when I was her age. I remember watching my Hanging Tough video cassette….yes I wrote video cassette LOL. I remember being excited to get a poster of them one Christmas. I remember watching them in Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto so many years ago. Our seats were so far away I think we were almost at the very top of the concert hall.

We had life lessons in the car.

Her: I thought you weren’t happy anymore with NKOTB since Donnie didn’t….

Me: *shrugs* I may be upset with Donnie right now (another story lol), but I’ve been a blockhead for 25 years. You learn in life kid, sometimes you don’t get want you want. It sucks, it hurts, but it happens.

It made me a little bit sad that living here and not in the GTA where all musicians go, she might not get that opportunity to enjoy her boy band to the fullest. I hope at some point she is able to see them in concert. That would be cool…

On the way back, we blared her One Direction songs and sang at the top of our lungs. And it was fun. She took pictures. I took one which is okay, because there’s construction here. So when you’re on the transcanada highway, as it’s only 2 lanes, they shut down both lanes sometimes for the crews to do whatever they need to do. You actually are stopped, engine off, while you wait. (I actually really really miss the traffic of the 401) I took the one of the both of us. She took the rest. Imagine the music blaring – singing with the windows down – and just being ….

I’m sad summer’s over…but happy for the time I got to spend with her. I remember looking over at her as she sang – and it didn’t matter to her she wasn’t in tune. She wants singing lessons anyway. She, for the most most part, isn’t really concerned about what people think about her. She’s definitely her own person. And I hope she never forgets that’s what makes you beautiful.

IMG_20130830_222532IMG_20130830_223010 IMG_20130830_222732 IMG_20130830_223055 IMG_20130830_223130 IMG_20130830_223249

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