Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

One of the pros about about moving to a new province is being able to explore more of Canada.  Middle of August saw us check out Saskatoon.  I don’t remember at all if I’ve ever visited Saskatoon.  When our family came out to Saskatchewan to visit family when I was five, I know we went a few places.  We have pictures of visiting Alberta and the huge Easter Egg.  But I can’t find anything about Saskatoon.  Which was lovely as this trip felt like a ‘first’ for all three of us.

I have to admit – I could have down without the three hour drive that looked like this.

20130826_0930061 Having to drive this both to and from the Paris of the Prairies was in one word ‘mindnumbing’.

Usually you have to yell at the kids in the back to look up from the gadget and see the beauty of our country.  Having driven a lot now here, I let her continue playing while I begged the sidekick to talk to me so my eyes wouldn’t glaze over.

But once we got there – wow.  I can see why Saskatoon is considered the Paris of the Prairies.

2013-08-26 14.40.11

One of the magnificent views on the Saskatchewan River

2013-08-26 18.37.39

Eating dessert a lovely awesome Greek restuarant – Mediterraneo. The food was fantastic and the staff amazing. I would totally recommend here. The pastry chef is there every day and the desserts were out. of. this. world.

2013-08-27 11.31.20

We’ve been spoiled by having had the opportunity to go to the Toronto Zoo. That being said, for northern Canada and the price – this was a great little trip to enjoy.


My mother kept saying “It’s like Toronto traffic!! Be careful”. um hmm…. this would be the equivalent of the 401 on top of the city. The sidekick and I laughed when we saw this. Hey – the sidekick took this picture 🙂 Pretty good huh?


The streets are huge. Really lovely architecture.


On the Prairie Lily – River boat. And no she has not seen the movie yet thinks particular scene is hysterical.


The sidekick and I seeing all the sights on the river. Take the tour – breathtaking and peaceful.


The backyard of where the rich people go to stay. This possibly could make my bucket list. Looks beautiful.


Radisson hotel downtown Saskatchewan. This slide made all the difference in our stay. Awesome hotel, awesome staff!!


The imp reading the paper before breakfast at the the only Cora’s in Saskatchewan.

A really fantastic trip.  If you ever get the chance to go, explore Saskatoon.

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