I’m a model if you vote for me PLEAASEEE!! (sung to I’m a model)

My improbable remote dreams of fame and fortune may come true!!!!  Addition Elle is having a contest.  For girls who are plus size!! You have no idea where I am on the bouncing-up-and-down-on-my-seat scale.

They are trying to find someone who “can capture the Addition Elle experience and brand and constitue a potential ‘best fit’ to serve as an Addition Elle model”.  Yes – that is straight from the rules!!! You know I’m serious that I read the WHOLE document word for word!!  #reallyhighonthebouncingupanddownscale

I love the clothes.  Having a larger frame, there are so many times you try on something and the style is from 1972 for a woman twice your age.  Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely ladies, but I want to look my age and feel even greater 🙂 I bought a pair of shorts from Addition Elle once and they lasted me 10 years.  They were the best shorts EVER!!! (sidenote: the sidekick doesn’t let me do laundry that much anymore because of ‘bleach’ issues…whatever).

As I have read the rules, nowhere did it state I couldn’t ask for votes.  As the contest is based on votes and judge’s discretion, you have to ask where you can so you get votes. (Whew – long run on sentence there).  Otherwise, how would you get lots of votes to win?  Not all of us have 2000 friends on facebook and twitter LOL!!  This is the age of social media.  Facebook, twitter – dude if helping your next door 100 year old neighbour set a facebook account helps – do it! So I’m extending my social media hand and asking for help with a few votes.  Please.  Pretty please.  Please 🙂

This opportunity for me would be as the imp says EPIC!!! (Who by the way gets more hits on her blog then I do on mine…maybe I should post this there too…. #thoughttoponder #goingtofar? #probably). I’m not going to say much more because I totally believe I’m going to make it into the finals and do the video.  And there I’m going to wow the judges.  I just need you to please help me out and vote every day from Oct 10th to the 20th.

So, please help a girl out.  Log onto facebook and like the Addition Elle page.  Then go to my page and vote.  You can do this by searching for Vera in the search box.  That’s V – E – R – A.  Or click this link —->  bit.ly/1ai21j9

Then get your friends to vote every day.  And their friends.  Make it a social experiment.  Let’s see if we can get someone who desperately needs a bit of magic and adventure in her life to New York!! To model!! Honestly, after 20 season of Tyra, I have to have learned something… (Inhale to make that sexy face!!)

I promise to tweet, vine, fb every single step if I make it to New York.  Think of the fun you could have peeking in on this journey.  Unless they don’t let me…then sorry.  But walking down the street in New York!! For sure  I will be vining (is that a recognized verb now?) Who knows!! Maybe I’ll bump into Donnie Wahlberg 🙂

(must look into international data plans…..they might not be too expensive right :l )

So – vote.  Please 🙂 Every day – for 10 days 🙂 Not too much to ask for.  How cool would it be to say “I knew her then!!  She is still the natural fun loving person!!”  It’s been a hell of a year – it would be so good to finally have something so wonderful happen!!

See @TLC – so much footage you’re missing here!! So many adventure from us!! Pure gold I tell ya!! Pure gold!!!

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