where did you come from

I was going to write a post on a guy I read about in the Toronto Star.  He makes 100k a year.   He is going for retirement at 42.  It was suppose to be 45 but his retirement math was wrong.  Sometimes reading the paper makes me laugh.

But instead of being facetious about people who have been blessed enough in their lives to go to university, I’m going to write about something else.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I do not at all begrudge anyone their education.  Education is so very important and it’s what allows us to be successful in life. Yes – poor people go to university.  But it’s very very hard just so you know.  My sister went to university.  She’s is in debt tens of thousands of dollars.  She’ll be 5 million years old by the time she pays it off.  I wish circumstances were different for me and I could have gone to university.  I only went to college because that’s would I could afford.  I have $5000 left off my student loan to pay.  Instead of making minimum wage I make a few dollars more.  Not enough to actually afford life.  I just wish a university education wasn’t so unattainable for some that poor people worry about giving both their kidney’s to the neighbourhood don.  This is a whole different story that I will get into another day.  Agree, disagree… we’ll talk later.)

I’m going to write about the imp.  She’s amazing.  She just finished her post for today.  I read it, looked at her and thought “where did you come from?”.  Sometimes the wisdom that comes out of her mind astounds me.  Check out her latest post ——> http://presswithjess.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/hobbies/

I asked the sidekick what he did at 11.  He replied, “I played outside, played woodtag (I had to ask for clarification here.  Was totally not what I first thought), annoyed my brothers.”  I played outside, read books, and dug a hole to China.

I’m totally gobsmacked by the child that lives in this house with us.  Yes she is a typical kid with attitude, bad jokes, and loving hugs.  Then she does something that makes me look at her in awe.

I’m privileged to be in her life.


Just the two of us – we can make it if we try 🙂

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