Bullying – unacceptable behaviour

Just three days ago, a small Saskatchewan town passed an anti-bullying law.  A father wrote to the town council that his child was being bullied.  The town council listened.  Bravo town council.

In September, a Saskatchewan teen committed suicide because of taunts and insults he was receiving through social media his mother told journalists.  The RCMP as far as I am aware are looking into whether bullying played a role.

I have to tell you, I did not think I was going to be writing a post on bullying.  Back home, we didn’t have this problem.  The imp was able to flitter from one group to the next.  There were your typical girl fights, however these moments are meant for children to try and work things out.  She was oblvious of the undercurrents of preteen drama.  She felt when someone was being mean to her however.

There comes a time however, when parents must step in and protect their children.  The sidekick and I just found out that the imp is being bullied and it has been happening longer then we knew.  Bravo to the imp for telling us so we can remedy it.

A boy and a girl in her class in her new school, have been targeting her.  They have been spreading rumours.  They have told her to get away from the swings.  She has been targeted on the bus by the boy.

I went to the school, and didn’t really get far.  The word bullying never came up.  Hearing more about the issues last night and this morning however, the sidekick made the trek in.

At one point, it was eluded that because the imp boasted she was smart she made herself a target.  Thus it was her fault.  The school has now met a very irate sidekick.

The principal and vice-principal could not tell the sidekick what the anti-bullying policy is.  Which leads us to believe there isn’t one.  In this day and age, it is unacceptable and speaks of glaring problems.

After 1 1/2 hours of being in a meeting, which the sidekick directed, the principal and vice-principal said they would stop it.  As we all know, a bully does not stop unless someone stops it or they find another target.  We all know bullying escalates.

The imp being sensitive – irrelevant.  We do not accept unacceptable behaviour.  We do not allow a bully and a victim to ‘work on it’.  School educators are to work with parents, and not punish the victim for having the bravery to speak up.

I’m going in today to pick the imp up.  I will let you know how it goes.

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