Gonna get tested!!!

I got a letter in the mail  and after I read it I thought “That’s kinda cool”.  The government was reminding me that I had to get a pap smear.  Really – how nice is that??


My aunt told me that if I didn’t attend however, I’d get another letter asking me why I didn’t go…………….. I have to admit I was thinking Big Brother at that point.

But regardless, you have to admit this is pretty cool.  I’ve never gotten a letter reminding me to go for a pap smear!!

Here in Saskatchewan, you don’t go to your doctor for a pap smear or vaccinations.  You go to public health and a nurse does the vaccination.  Even if you are going to an exotic country, you don’t go to the doctor.  The nurse looks it up to see what you need.  I’m not sure about the pap smear because I haven’t called the clinic yet.  I totally don’t know who does that and have to admit am quite curious.  So no follow up letter for me!!

It frees up the doctors time.  That is so neat!! The doctor can put her/his time into more urgent medical needs.  People look at me weird when I say this, but Ontario it doesn’t work like this.  This is new, wacky, and weird for us.

Your records as well aren’t part of the government.

Short story to illustrate this fact: We are trying to volunteer at the local SPCA (Humane Society where we are from).  We have to get a tetanus.  Which I wasn’t sure when we had them last when she asked.

Her: Just ask your public health

Me: We’re from Ontario

Her: Just call public health there and ask.

Me: I was our public health

In Ontario we had little yellow immunization cards.  When the doctor gave you a vaccination it was written in your little card.  Your doctor recorded in your chart for his/her records.   (I keep ours in the safe in case of fire).  Maybe it was different in other parts of Ontario, but in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) this is what we were used to.  Maybe the doctor did tell the government but I doubt it cuz I would be pretty irritated I kept such good records of mine and the imp for no reason since it was somewhere else.  The sidekick was on his own.  He didn’t want my help.

This post ….. hmmmm…. this post is just to say cool.  I had something good to say about moving here.  I have to admit I like this….well except for the Big Brotherish part.  But hey – now if my records are screwed up when if I ever have to see a different doctor it’s their problem – not mine 🙂

What about you?  I”m actually really curious to see how different it is in different parts of the country.


UPDATE: I looked up the clinic and pap smears can be done by the clinic, your doctor or your nurse practitioner.

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