My two cents for what it’s worth .. or not worth :)

I was scrolling through my twitter feed this morning, when a tweet caught my eye.  @yummymummyclub wrote As this post from goes crazy viral (70k+ shares in 2 days), comments get nastier. Why?

Of course I clicked on the link.  Human curiosity was simply bursting with inquisitiveness.  This is a flaw that at one point will bring down the human race I think.

Christella wrote how she hopes to start a new tradition of her children receiving experiences and shared time with loved ones instead of material goods.  I smiled, because that’s what I try to do with the imp.  One birthday the imp got Mississauga Theater tickets for a Max and Ruby show.  We had so much fun there.

I read more of the article.  I pondered it.

I rushed off to work and contemplated what I had read through out the day.

I got home and read the comments.

I then read the article to the sidekick to get his take.

We both kinda were on the same fence.

I by no means at all condone the negative comments.  At all.  While berating Christella for her words, some of the comments offered no apology for the way they offered their words.  There was one comment that I actually clicked like to however.  A commenter named Veronica wrote the delivery could of been kinder – I agree.

Again, I offer no apologies for what was written.  It shouldn’t have been.  (At the same time, what I saw on twitter made me a little sad too).  However I hope that I can maybe put forth into light why the comments were written.  I won’t touch on the money aspect cuz that’s a whole different other post.

MusingsFrom_TO tweeted these two particular words concerning this – people’s insecurities.  Life for most of us, is fast and draining.  We moved to Saskatchewan because we couldn’t afford it anymore in Ontario.  My job, I never saw the imp because of the hours I worked.  Now, while we can afford a couple more things, I find myself contemplating applying for a job that would give us financial stability … at the knowledge that the hours will again leave me little time to spend with the imp.

When I actually told the imp, she was saddened and begged me not to because she didn’t like it before.  It sucks what life throws at us sometimes.

For me, the article played against my insecurities as a mom.  I can barely spend time with my own child because I need to work in order to afford things like food.  The guilt of not being able to spend time with my nephews and nieces like the article wrote about hurt.  Some of us are not lucky in what we have and are able to offer as others able to.

At the same time, I have to realize though – and this is what some of the commenters forgot I think – the bloggers we read on the internet, most of them probably don’t have a degree or doctorate in social work, human interest or psychology.  They don’t write with a person in environment perspective.  The don’t write with the knowledge of social functioning, or anti oppression theory.  (Interesting book).

Most are just moms who have stories and thoughts to tell and are lucky enough to tell them in this platform.  They hope that their stories may aid or give us humour as we walk along. That is all.  You take what you want from it.

I hope one day I too can offer my perspective in life through my blog and have someone appreciate it.  Just like the professional bloggers.

One thought on “My two cents for what it’s worth .. or not worth :)

  1. Thanks so much! This was a very well-written and thoughtful post! I realize that everyone’s situation is different and that’s why I wrote the post only from my own personal experience. It wasn’t advice, or a list of things people SHOULD do with my kids or buy for my kids, the idea is just that my children only yearn for ONE thing, and that’s more time with their family, primarily their extended family. Between long distance and schedules, it’s hard to spend time unless you make time, which is exactly what I was trying to do.

    I get that the negative comments were just a backlash from people’s own insecurities and issues. Most didn’t even read the post thoroughly, because I didn’t say that I didn’t want my kids to ever receive a gift ever again, or that I wasn’t grateful for what we have received. The entire notion is based in the fact that my kids have all of the toys, gadgets and things that they need, as much as we appreciate those offerings — and I understand the joys of giving them — they’d be better off spending some quality time with their aunts, uncles and extended family.

    I think that’s what came across to 90K or so people. 😛

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