Last night I had the best dream.  I remember it being amazing.  I remember waking up at 3 am and thinking I could write a book based on my dream.  It was going to be a young adult book.  I was going to finally have magic happen and people would notice my amazing talent!!  (…that would be writing and my blog just so we’re on the same page….I’m brilliant and funny guys!!).

My phone was by my bed.  I emailed myself my dream.  Went back to sleep.  This idea would have me writing my multi platinum book that was going to help me buy braces for the imp.  (Do books go multi platinum or is that just songs??? ….. I should research this more)

Got home from work.  Opened my email.


I still don’t have a plan to save five million dollar for the imps braces by the end of the year 😦

So – who else has been brilliant thoughts that early in the morning?

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