Remembrance Day

This week we found out an actually cool thing.  In Saskatchewan, Remembrance Day is actually a stat holiday.  Meaning – this Monday November 11th we are not going to work or school.

I tried to think back to even when I was a little kid in Ontario, and I cannot think at all if we ever had Remembrance Day off.  Most people couldn’t understand why Ontario wouldn’t.  It’s a major major holiday here.  I told the people here that in Ontario we still honour our soldiers even though it isn’t a stat.  Schools have Remembrance Day ceremonies.  People stop for the moment of silence.  We still learn from those who have been there.

Having Remembrance Day as a stat is no better or no worse then not.  Just two different ways to show your respect and gratitude for our hero’s.

On Monday, the sidekick, imp and I shall be at a ceremony here.  I know it’s a small town but I’m sure they have one somewhere.   Just like in Ontario, we will honour past and present soldiers who have risked and given their lives for us to be free.  This time we will do it as a family.  Which will be different – but nice though.


2 monuments in Saskatchewan.

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