Remembrance Day In Saskatchewan


Today had a different feel it usually does.   Back home, the imp would have been off for school.  I would have been off to work.  The sidekick would have started doing chores around the house.  Here, we got up, had breakfast and drove to the community centre for the town’s Remembrance Day ceremony.

20131111_101532 I honestly couldn’t tell you what I was expecting.  Never having the opportunity to honour those that have given my family freedom as a family ….well to be as a family today – it meant a lot. The ceremony was brilliant.  I did a guesstimate and probably about 1000 people showed up.

We sat up in the bleachers and had a birds eye view of the proceedings.  I have to admit, I have the attention span of a two  year old so I did instagram a few pictures.  (Yes – instagram, tweet, facebook and google are all verbs now at our house).  The town honoured those of the district who had fallen.  The town honoured all Canadians who are guard us.

What surprised me the most, was how much God was mentioned.  I didn’t have a problem with that at all.  For me, I believe and am thankful for what I have been given.  It was just kind of again – different – to be able to listen to hymns, bible readings, and petitions in a public forum.  Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know – tell me in the comment section – but I usually see someone mention Christianity openly and there is a backlash.  Again – that’s what I see.  For me, I enjoyed this part.  I haven’t watched the Ottawa ceremonies and I don’t even know if Toronto’s is telecast, so I wasn’t able to compare if Christianity is referenced.  It was a beautiful rural ceremony.

One of the speakers remarked we owe our soldiers. For they who gave their lives for us, we owe them such a debt of gratitude.  And we do.  Without them, we would not have the freedoms we take for granted.

What really shocked me, and it really shouldn’t have, was after everyone had been so proud, patriotic, respectful, kind and nice in the building, as soon as they got in their cars it was a free for all.  People only putting one inch between the car infront so noone could bump in.  I let one person go across from me hoping that the next person would let me go, and nooo … le sigh … that person drove (on the ice let it be known) so noone could get infront.  People’s need to be the first one out of a parking lot still mind boggles me to say the least.

Afterwards we hit the Canadian Legion.  Then we went to the Army, Navy and Airforce Veterans Hall where awesome bagpipe playing was happening.  I met the MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly.  In Ontario it’s MPP) Greg Ottenbreit.  Well actually my dad called out to him that I lived here in Saskatchewan now, but hated it and wanted to go back and could he convince me otherwise.  Not the greatest way to be introduced to an MLA but my Dad means well 🙂  Mr. Ottenbreit seemed very nice.  This is one of the worst towns to make friends if you are an outsider, so ya….. I’m not sure where we will end up.  We will see what will happen in the future.

We did drop by the SuperStore as some stores were still open, but I think they were on holiday hours.  There were a lot of people in the store.  Hopefully they were able to take time and remember what today was all about.

IMG_20131111_102158 IMG_20131111_111654 IMG_20131111_135026

By the way …. the roads still look like this here…


I’m thinking I need chains to drive here never mind winter tires …..

Oh – and a double by the way – it was frickin cold here. However, last year people told me there was so much snow you couldn’t get out of your house.  So, at least I’m only driving on ice and can’t feel my face – we’re still mobile.

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