This post is not about health, nutrition, or exercising

This post is not about health, nutrition, or exercising.  I’ve done to many posts (previous blogs, previous posts) where I declared to all the universe I was going to get healthy and exercise and do all that ‘active’ stuff.  I failed miserably.  My goal right now is to just move.  That is my only goal going to the gym – (yes I go to the gym, I even took a picture to prove it!! They frown on people who come in in parkas, get changed into shorts, stand in front of a mirror, take a picture, and then leave – so you know I actually go there.  I even use those balls you see in the picture.  And I use them properly thank you very much!!) DEXATIphotoeffects20131121152042 Anything else at this point is a bonus.  I’m not sitting on a couch stuffing my face with chips so I’m one up on all the couch potatoes.  Yes this post takes place in an establishment that promotes health and wellness, but it’s not about it at all.

Yesterday I was sitting at one of the machines that look like a medieval torture device for your arms, when a couple in their early 70’s came in.  They were the most adorable couple I have ever seen.  And I thought to myself “How cute!!”……how quickly they quashed my  ‘cute little old couple’ perception.

I had walked over to an arm machine, (I really have no clue what it’s called), and was gonna set the weight at about 30 pounds for myself cuz I was feeling very lazy.  The woman had been on the machine just before me.  The weights were set at 60.  She was about 5 feet tall and maybe weighed 90 pounds.  I sighed, because really how could I do only 30 pounds now?! The pressure at the gym I tell you – it’s insane!! 😉  At one point I looked over and little old grandma was doing a calf press on the leg press machine.  It looked to be serious poundage she was pressing too.  I didn’t go on that machine – there’s only so much peer pressure I can take.

The gentleman was an awesome site to behold too.  His workout was hard and it was intense.  I watched as he took the little triangle things you put in your hands and do pushups with.  (My gym terminology is just WICKED ) .  He was going quite quick and fast.

His wife at another point was on one piece of equipment where you face the floor and hold a weight across your chest.   Then you do reverse sit ups.  I can’t even stay up without the weights using that machine.

You know what really got me though?  It wasn’t the fact they were exercising … okay – it was! They were at a fitness level that  90% of people younger then them aren’t at.  But what got me, is they were doing it together.  It was so beautiful to watch.  And I don’t use beautiful and gym in the same sentence lightly.


Hopefully at some point we can afford two gym memberships and the sidekick can come with me.  Though I don’t know if we’d be beautiful though.  We’d probably yell at each other cuz one or the other was doing it wrong.  Maybe it’s good we can’t afford two memberships.

Today at the gym was also quite cool.  Turns out that 2 Chippendale dancers were passing through on their way to Winnipeg.  What is gym etiquette when Chippendales are working out in the same vicinity?  Is it rude to turn the treadmill around?  …. Thought to ponder here.

Facebook was a flutter with comments such as “PICS!!”  “No pics .. it didn’t happen”  “That would have been a work out to watch”.  Sorry people – no pics.  I figured the last thing they wanted was a pasty marshmallow coming up to ask them for a picture.  They did their work out – which involved heavy weights  – and I did mine – which did not include heavy weights.  I will admit, I did trot a bit faster on the treadmill.  I mean they could have glanced over at me and I sorta of wanted to seem like I was this active cool person 🙂

I guess the moral of the story is cool things can happen when you exercise.  As well as gyms should hire Chippendales so I get better workouts.

In other news, my car now has this …


To all my southern Ontario family and friends – this would be called a plug …. that is connected to my … brand ……new block …….heater.  To all you in the north – cars aren’t even sold with block heaters in the south.  Yes – it’s cold here.  The past two days, the kids have been in during recess because it’s cold.  It’s a different world here for sure.

Well at least I can start the car so we are mobile still!!  No 8 feet of snow yet!!!

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