Saskatchewanderer = ME

I’m nothing if not optimistic about life 🙂  I look at opportunities, apply and hope for the best.

I found out about an opportunity that I thought would be awesome for me.  Problem being, about 500 000 people in Saskatchewan probably feel the same way LOL.

Saskatchewanderer is asking for applications to become the next wanderer .. not for just a summer but for a full year!!!  You go around the province exploring. I would love this opportunity.  Sadly, they are asking for film degrees, English degrees, marketing degrees, and communication degrees.  My friend on facebook posted, “There are some things that formal education can’t provide & you’ve got it my dear”.  Hopefully the hiring committee sees the same thing.

I did mess up though, so it is a big scratch against my name.  I had two files named the same thing with only one character difference.  One was a 2 page resume.  One was a 1 page resume.  Saskatchewanderer asked for a one page resume.  Guess which one I sent?  But of course – what would life be like without the glitches ? 🙂

Whoever wins, have fun.  Enjoy what is obviously a great wonderful opportunity.

In the meantime, take a look at what I submitted.  I think I sum up quite nicely what I could offer.  Hopefully they see the potential!!

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