Sisters in Conversation

Now that it’s really cold and living in a small town … well there’s not a lot to do.  Amusement is at a premium..

November I found on facebook a cool little survey designed to tell all my family and friends something about me.  Something to make a couple of minutes go fast.

Teri 1

Disclaimer: If anyone is impressionable and read #7, going to the dentist every time your insurance allows you to go is very important for good dental hygiene…honestly I don’t think I had dental insurance for at least 5 of those 8 years…..

The rules of the game are that the writer gives you a number and you have to write that many things about yourself.  My sister – older, elder, not the same age as me 🙂 – decided to reply to my note. To which I replied to her.  ( S – for sister M – for me.  the fifth s should be a M)  We had a GREAT conversation 🙂

Teri 2.

I don’t believe you need the S and M (hee hee) as you are reading the flow now… Oh 5 she had written she was a pain in the ass.

Teri 3

She wouldn’t put it on her own wall, so I put it on her wall for her 🙂 Brilliance at best if I do say so!!

Teri 4

I WIN though she felt she let me win because she was fantastic.. and she then posted on my wall a video of Dr. Who saying fantastic 50 million times in 50 million different scenarios.  Really …. quite a boring show to watch someone whose whole dialogue is only fantastic.

I also would like to question Facebook at this time and ask where the post is.  Searched everywhere on the wall and clicked all.  Hmmm….I thought facebook was forever….

I then posted on her wall ……. Teri 5

She found some reference to Judge Judy and how Judge Judy got on someone’s naughty list for being a bad judge.  She posted that on my wall.  I replied  Again facebook, I clicked everywhere for her post and no post to find …

Teri 5 (2)

A lot of white space up there….obviously my editing pictures skills aren’t up to snuff here ….

She wanted to let me know that

Teri 6

I let her know that

Teri 8

Hopefully she reads the wiki article …. it’s extremely important to know things like this.

One of my sister-in-laws adhered to the rules and wrote her list of things those of us did not know when given her number.  I did graffiti.

Teri 9

A few days later I got another message from my sister.

Teri 10

I smiled….. then I was sad.  I miss home.


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