Just when I think humanity will persevere….

Yesterday I wrote about the best contest EVER!!  Chestermere Lifepath Wellness Centre in Alberta was having a contest to gift someone for Christmas with a new smile.  Up to $10 000.  Braces!!  Veneers!! Implants!!  I would rather win this contest for the imp then winning a trip to Disney!!

Today Chestermere Lifepath wrote on their facebook wall,


You know what? WTH people who ruined this?? You took away someones maybe only chance for a LIFE CHANGING prize.  This contest could have helped someone who doesn’t have the means to afford a brilliant smile.  A boy who doesn’t smile at school, a lady who hasn’t smiled in years.  I agree Chestermere, I am shocked of how a simple gift of a new smile can create such behaviour from people.

I know how as a parent it hurts your soul not to be able to afford something needed desperately for your kid and this saddens me to no end. Just when I think humanity will persevere…….  I was so looking forward to seeing who won and how happy they would be.  Mind boggling…


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