when your child surpasses you

The imp looked at me yesterday with a smile.  “Hey mom!! How many views are you at?”

I raised my eyebrows.  “Why?”

Her smile became a full blown grin.  “Just wondering.  That’s all!!”

I know her question can’t be good for me or my self confidence.

I got home from work today and decided to check both our blogs.  Here are the stats.

Me: This particular blog was started in April 2013 to document our life changes, 1813 views, 62 published posts

The imp:  Blog started July 2013 … the end of July 2013 to document her life changes, 1815 views, I think like 30 posts…

I didn’t look at anymore stats.  I am officially depressed.

…. sigh …. ya … the grasshopper surpassed the master …

Okay, honestly I’m not going to do anything drastic to myself.  I am totally fine with this.  Smiling even.  Yes, I had high hopes I was going to be the next blogger extraordinaire.  This was what was going to help me crank out a few thousand through a book deal or something to pay for her braces!!  Turns out the imp probably is going to be the next blogger extraordinaire.  But that’s what we want for our children, no?  To succeed us and go places we only dared to dream about?  I think so 🙂

It’s been so amazing reading her progress the past few months.  Seeing what her thought process is.  Seeing how she has become more confident in herself and her abilities.  Not that she had any problems tooting her own horn before :/ …… and now she has concrete evidence she has surpassed me … this is going to bite me somewhere down the road isn’t it?

She can do her little dance of awesomeness when she finds out after school.  I will raise my eyebrows at her and say we don’t gloat.  But inside I will be smiling and full of pride.  She’s making her mark on the world.  I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back for a job well down so far.

Plus I still win at scrabble – so I have that 🙂

Check out her world – www.presswithjess.wordpress.com



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