The GTA #icestorm from Saskatchewan

One of the hardest things about moving is how many loved ones I left back in Ontario.  I have 6 siblings just for starters!!  Finishing 6 months of being here and I still get very homesick.  Not just for the people though – but for the land.  The sidekick and imp do too.

When the we heard about the ice storm we weren’t to concerned.  I remember back in the 90’s I think it was, when we had a bit of one.  Quebec got clobbered if I remember correctly.  I knew everyone would be okay, but being so far away you still worry.

This is where I’m grateful for social media and cell phone coverage.  We read about how our town we moved from – Georgetown in Halton Hills – got hit really bad.  The pictures on facebook were stunning but deadly at the same time.  We read on twitter how friends were faring without power.  On instagram we saw pictures of others.  Even without power, some had data on their phones and were able to communicate that way.

It was good to keep up with everyone and just know that they were safe.  I have a sister who doesn’t have power still, but my sister-in-law who just got power back herself, through cell phones and twitter are trying to see if they need a place to stay.  I’ve seen friends get taken in by family.  My brother-in-law helped a family take a tree out of the roof.  One of my sisters lives in Toronto Housing and is on the 14th floor.  Family and friends through social media/cell phones are seeing if she is okay.

I wish you all in Ontario a safe, warm Christmas.  For those of you without power I hope Santa, (aka Hydro 🙂 ) is able to continue their brilliant work.  I wish for them lots of hot cider and love too 🙂

In other news, I was going to finally give up on Candy crush. I’ve been on level 129 for the past 500 years.  Just when I was going to post on facebook for everyone not to tag me for stuff, I see there’s a new candy crush? Some owl at nighttime…and it sucked me back in.  I’m so annoyed with myself…but I have to stop typing now and go back to level 6.  I’m sure by bed I can be at level 25 at least.

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