I nominated myself for Wife & Mom of the Year – AND WON

The title got your attention huh?  🙂

I did win the contest though!! Keep reading 🙂

I’ve entered into a lot of contests this year.  One I actually received runner up!!   I had to write an essay on what surprised me the most about motherhood.  It’s on YummyMummyClub.ca, and you should probably head on over there to check it out.  I am really proud of this one!!!  Check out the other entries too because they are fantastic!! (Psssstttt thank you YMC and Playtex!!)

The rest of the contests … not so much on the winning side :).  My sister entered me into the Walmart Mom of the Year Contest ….  I didn’t win that #sadface.  (The sidekick entered me the year before and didn’t win either #sadface.) I entered into another contest to win a bathroom.  I didn’t win that #sadface.  I entered to win a few travel contests hoping to be able to go home and visit.  I didn’t win those #verysadface.  I entered to win the chance to be a model #veryverysadface. I had visions of a modeling scene with any of New Kids On The Block, Adam Levine, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, or Ashton Kutcher … cuz that last one would just be fun!!

I entered into a contest I ran in my house.  I called it the Wife & Mom of the Year contest.  I nominated myself.  I asked the imp and the sidekick who their votes were for.  They said me.  I won by a landslide!!  I won chocolate.  I bought it myself.  Their votes were enough for me… … … … … … the imp did ask how I was feeling lately ….

The past year I have sacrificed.  I have moved from the comforts of the GTA to rural prairies.  I have stood by the sidekick as he goes through his physical and mental health issues.  I have not run screaming… yet.  I have been a single parent when the sidekick was unable to.  I have learned how to take care of the car better.  I have supported the imp as she starts a new school and life.  I have supported my family as the main bread winner – it would be lovely to have a job that matches that tittle.  I have learned me and the imp are horrid criminals.  I have smiled through the changes in our lives.  I have lead the exploring of our new surroundings when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball.  I deserve the tittle.

The thing is all of us do.  Even if we didn’t win the contest.  It’s human nature to want validation for a job well done.  All of us as wives and mothers have done something absolutely amazing for our families this year and years past.  I think you should nominate yourself in your own contest at home.  I’m pretty sure you’ll win by a landslide too.

…..but ask for them to buy the chocolate 🙂

And in case you don’t ask your family to vote for you because of modesty – I will tell you!! Fantastic job this year!!  #highfivesallaround #cannotaffordshippingforthechocolatehowever #sorry

Wishing you all A Happy New Year!!


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