Blowing Frozen Bubbles

The weather outside is frightful … so of course I decided the imp and I needed to go outside and try blowing frozen bubbles.  (Seriously, it’s frightful.  Today with windchill it’s -44 C and tomorrow it’s -53 C.  Living in a trailer in BC is becoming more of a real possibility.  Mobile home people are nice … and mortgage free!!  Something to really think about).

We put dish detergent, hot water together and away we went.  My mother wanted to be a part of the action – so she stayed by our kitchen window watching from the warmth inside.

It worked well 🙂  …. at -44 C it should otherwise I’d be highly disappointed in science.


My mother even remarked how neat it was to see them bounce across the snow.  This video shows what we did, but I don’t think you can see them bounce.

As you tell from the imps comment, it was brutally cold outside.  I took my mitten off to take pictures but my hand could only handle a few seconds.  It would have been cool to get close ups of what they looked like for you.


With a close up you would have seen the neat pattern


A Ball of Ice


The patterns were amazing. My fingers weren’t letting me take pictures though 😦

On a sidenote, those of you who suffer from rosacea know that sometimes your face can hurt with the stinging sensation.  Stay outside in -44C and you don’t really feel the pain that much.  Your face might fall off, but the burning/stinging sensation isn’t there 😉

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