The library made me famous …. and think

The kid and I had entered into a contest a while ago at our local library back home. We had to write why the library was special to us.  I love the library.  Getting books so you can escape into a different world and forget the one you live in – priiicceeless!!! The kid as well is a book connoisseur  This particular contest was made for the kid and I.  We won!! The prize was a professional photo shot and our poster in the library.

My sister had called me a couple of weeks ago to let me know that the kid and mine’s picture was up at our old library. I think we did the photo shoot 1 1/2 ago.  I actually forgot about it.

I am so thrilled to see the posters.  My wish would be to see them in person.

Jessica lib

A picture of the poster my niece took so we could see them 🙂 This is the kid 🙂

Vera lib

The pic of a poster of me 🙂 LOVE my family for sending this to me!!

I’m going to admit something.  As much as these posters gave me a thrill – a little bit of me was saddened and angry.  Why?  Well, I will always be an Ontario girl.  That is where my heart is.  Not just for the family I left behind, but for the land itself.  The hills, the cliffs of the north and the changing of the autumn leaves.  The leaves don’t have the vibrant colours here in Saskatchewan.  They go from green to brown to dead.  The humidity of the summers in Toronto I miss.  Yes – I miss the humidity and walking Lake Ontario in Oakville, Mississauga and the boardwalk in Toronto.

And as much as I miss Ontario I’m angry at Ontario.  Families on the low socio-economic ladder – they fight tooth and nail to survive.  When the sidekick lost his sight almost 8 years ago and went on disability, our quaint jaunt through life quickly became hazardous.  In order to have a good quality of life.. (aka afford food and shelter).. we made the decision to move to Saskatchewan.  My parents had moved here 7 year prior.  My car insurance went from $190/month to $82/month.  I may not have the nicest or biggest house on my block …actually I’m pretty sure I have the worst house on my block … it’s a possibility we could be associated with the greasers in the book The Outsiders by SE Hinton…but my mortgage is stupid low.  Like cheaper then rent…on a bachelor in the GTA.  We don’t have friends here but at least we have money to survive.  The kid was unable to be in extra curricular activities back home.  Here, she is in guitar, drama and soccer.  And a better social then mine now.

Winning this contest, having my blog, writing my posts, my job, the volunteer work I participate in…I know that I have so much to offer whatever community I am in.  And I am so saddened that the community I want to be in, does not allow me the affordability for us to be – to stay – to be with friends and family that love us.  I know of so many families and individuals right now in the GTA that are quickly going into a downward spiral as they try to make ends meet.

We made the ultimate sacrifice for our family.  I am thankful to Saskatchewan for the opportunity to have a better quality of life.  We are finding things of beauty here too as you can tell by my blog posts.  I have to believe that moving here will make sense soon.

Honest though – I’d move back in a heartbeat.  I miss Ontario.

Thank you Halton Hills Public Library 🙂 Me and the kid remember that night and how much fun we had!!  At least for now I can be happy that my 15 … or 10 seconds LOL .. of fame has arrived.  Please send $10 and a self addressed envelope for my autograph 😉

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