Volunteering and Virtual Assisting

imageThis was my view for almost five hours on Saturday.  And I have to admit it was a great view.  I was volunteering at bingo with Big Brothers Big Sisters !!  Minute after minute I continuously walked around assisting bingo patrons with game cards.  Honestly giving up most of your Saturday to do this could be considered boring.  However, I looked at it another way.  A positive way!!  Look at my next picture!!


Walking such a slow pace for that much time I burned 1000 calories.  Exercise without meaning to and helping for a good cause!! What could be better?  ………  though the chips I ate after probably negated all the walking.  No worries – I will be volunteering again.

I also have decided to start a new venture.  Virtual Assistant.  I have researched and spoken with respected business people online.  I researched everything I could.  For me, starting this new chapter will hopefully be a new road to greatness!!  A road that will enable our family to move forward in the world, instead of always seeing others run far away from us!!

I look forward to the challenges I will be up against.  I hope what everyone tells me about networking is true!! So far, I have to say networking has not worked.  Maybe it was the field I was in.  Maybe I annoyed someone (you never know – I’m nice but someone might not like me).

What about you?  What advice can you give me?  What advice helped you in your business?  Did networking work for you?  Or were you met with indifference to your plight?  I want to know!! Talk to me!!

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