A Hair-rising Experience

Being a winter newbie in the prairies, I’m little hesitant in highway driving.  We’ve all seen the news segment how a freak prairie blizzard makes a family huddle under their silver thermal car emergency blanket waiting for 3 days before the professionals can come and get them and they lost 10 pounds each because they had no food.  I like living, so we haven’t really been exploring this winter season.

The kid had this week off.  Not an illness/family imposed week off.  Here, we don’t get March break.  We get a February and and April break.  The February break is kinda cool as it’s around Family Day.  We didn’t go anywhere for Christmas, and I really wanted to do something special for our first year here.  The kid asked to go to the Science Centre in Regina.  How could I say no to wanted learning?  Just the week before I got an email from the Delta with a promotion for great winter rates. Sometimes it comes when you need it!! 🙂

Wednesday night saw snow fall.  I’ll be honest with you, a little anxiety was sitting in.  All I could see was us huddle together in our tiny Yaris shivering.  And you know being the one with more meat on my bones, they’d sacrifice me to whatever Saskatchewan abominable snowman that came around.  Give them more time to run into the white abyss and get lost.  Thursday afternoon hit though, and the sun was shining!!  Off we went on our 2 hour drive to Regina.  The highways were amazing!!!


Meditating in the tranquil ambiance



Old meets new. We headed to the mall – attached to the hotel 🙂 Cornwall Centre.


After the mall, which was free, was our outing to the hotel pool!!  Which was free.  The pool at the hotel 🙂 The water slide was amazing. The pool was also warm. Just my type of temperature!!! We had the whole place to ourselves, and the kid absolutely loved it!!


Morning comes way to soon!! The city of Regina. It was neat to see all the smoke from the houses.

The kid actually had heard that there was a butterfly exhibit at the Science Centre and wanted to go see it. We set off early in the morning to make the most of the day. The admissions rate are actually very good.  $9.00 for adults.  We added the IMAX movie and it came to $16.  I have to admit, we did compare between here in Saskatchewan and back home.  Ontario Science Centre it’s $22 for an adult and $28 if you include the IMAX movie.  It’s still a fantastic deal here.  2 1/2 stories of interaction.  I think there are 6 levels in Ontario.

The one thing we did not like was that there was no where to eat.  They had a concession stand near the IMAX theatre.  We asked for a hotdog, but they did not serve hot dogs on weekdays.  We then asked for the pizza, but it wasn’t there yet and they weren’t sure when it would be.  A bit of a pain especially because to go out for lunch you have to drive.  You can’t just cross a street to a fast food joint.  And it’s cold here.  I was willing to starve then go back out into the cold to eat.   Remembering the huge fast food court at the Ontario Science Centre we were a little taken a back.   It’s times like these I get extremely home sick for the conveniences.

Nonetheless, we had a fantastic time wandering the Science Centre for another twenty minutes before the pizza arrived.    We saw Kenya: Animal Kingdom.  Breathtaking and made me want to travel even more.


She enjoyed the show and said it felt funny feeling her hair up!


I found the AWESOME mirror!!


Then I found the not awesome mirror!!


You know, the normal mirror wasn’t so bad 🙂


Who in God’s green earth would buy a pimple???? The sidekick and the kid totally enjoyed saying not so witty lines about all the micro-organisms. For example, the kid found the red blood cell plush and laughed in delight “Look, my red blood cell count is falling” as she zoomed it to the floor :/

For a not exxpensive couple of days away from home, it was just what we needed.  Make no mistake, it’s not like home.  But there are fun things to do here.  And when you have a whole post of micro-organisms you can make up even more fun 🙂

Should be interesting to see where we can go once the weather is better.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated at all for anything in this post.  These are just my opinions.  I blog for family and friends, letting them know how much fun it is here so they will come and visit me 🙂

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