Olympians and you’re welcome

We may not have much right now, but for what we do have I give thanks.  It was a hard week in one aspect, which will come up in another post.  It was also a beautiful week.


Hoarfrost – while a name that clearly someone didn’t really think about before making official.. really gorgeous however.


The hoarfrost gives beauty to those ‘dead’ winter trees.


What an amazing experience!!

So the kid met Canada’s own Sochi2014 Olympic Gold Medalist Kaitlyn Lawes.  The kid got to hold the gold medal and was much impressed by this tiny woman with so much strength.

Kaitlyn: Thank you for coming to meet me!!
My kid:  You’re welcome!!

Walking to the car,

Me: You’re welcome huh?  LOL

My kid: I panicked!!!

Never say I have never taught the kid good manners and common courtesy!!


Free Skate

Our week ended with Free Sunday night skating.  I don’t go out on the ice because I would die if I did.  But it was lovely to sit and watch the kid glide around.

This is what life is supposed to be about.  I may not be where I want to be right now, but this week had nice scenery.  Those other people who make it about crap – phooey on them.

How was your week?


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