Saskatchewan is like the Hunger Games..and Divergent..

We went to the KidsExpo today.  It was a great day.  I’m also sad I ate the one cupcake I bought. It was divine.  I now have none.  Will power was never my strong suit..and dudes if that lady from Esterhazy lived in Toronto she would make a killing on those cupcakes!!!  They were AWESOME!!! $2.50??!?!? She could be charging at least $4.  I will put that post up next week.

Because you see, we also got coupons from Booster Juice at the KidsExpo.  So of course we believed this was a sign to go get yummy smoothies.  Mysterious  ways people…mysterious ways… They had a special smoothie named Fruit Faction based on the movie Divergent. The kid ordered it.  The kid liked it. The kid asked if we could see it….a decision I believed based on a smoothie but she tells me based on the commercial.

And as it’s been awhile since we’ve stepped into a theater….and my bank account was in the positive..even after the smoothies – we decided let’s go.

So my post this week is on our movie experience.

And it was an awesome movie.  On the ride back to house I asked the kid what she thought.

Kid:  It’s a cool movie.  Makes me want to see Hunger Games too..(silence) …. I just realized Saskatchewan is like Hunger Games.  One part’s like district 1, they have coal miners – we have miners.  They have farmers, we have farmers, so on and so on.  And every year they go to the Capitol aka Regina and they have the CFL aka the Hunger Games.

After I had stopped laughing enough to drive safely, I continued my questioning.

Me: So what did you think of the movie?
Kid: I liked Tris.

Me: Why?
Kid: She reminds me of me.   I like Dauntless because they were crazy.  But I would have chosen Erudite because I’m smart and don’t want to get killed.

Sidekick: You’re a thinker not a fighter.

Kid: Naw, I’m  a strategic fighter.  Think first.

Me:  I like Dauntless too.  But I wouldn’t have been good.  They would have said jump, and I would have been like “’m factionless now.. bye :)”  What did you think of Four?

Kid:  I liked his bravery.

Me: I liked Four too.

Sidekick: I know you did.

The sidekick will be talked to about his side comments at a later time….deadpan humour is only appreciated when I do it.  (the kid as she reads this just stated, “What?? Only your humour is appreciated?   I don’t appreciate your humour.”   The kid will be talked to at a later time about family hierarchies and their relationship to subsequent matriarchal decision making).

This movie was really good.  Not just in the context of a good action movie.  The kid wants to emulate some of Tris’s characteristics.  You know the upstanding ones – individuality, courage, fighting for convictions.  She thankfully would think first before fighting.  A trait I hope continues in her life.  The beating people to a bloody pulp – she wasn’t into, so we’re thankful for that.  Win for her personality.  The kid has plans now to read all three books.  Win for her mind.  Her plans to become famous have intensified…I’m not to sure what win or loss that is..

While I loved the movie, it did make me feel a little old.  I remember being ‘young’, and thinking the world was mine for the taking.  I remember having the stamina to pull all nighters with friends talking, playing games or walking in Toronto till 4 am.  Now I like my bed and a book.  Both the sidekick and I don’t have 20 year old bodies anymore. While we have strengths now in our 30’s and 40’s, (ME!!!! I’M THE ONE IN THE 30’S FOR CLARIFICATION), I will admit I miss the magic of my 20’s.  Sometimes when I’m paying a bill or finding another wrinkle, I think WTH??!?!?! What happened?

In my head, I will be 21 forever more walking along Queen Street in downtown Toronto watching an eclectic population live life  …… with the wisdom of my age now 🙂

And the kid?  Well, I’m pretty sure she’s on her way to having a more magical time in her 20’s then I did.  I’m cool with that!

Disclaimer: We just went to go see a movie and it was good.  My own opinions. Was not compensated in anyway.

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