I am officially a puzzle :) Challenge met.

It started with a rash. A little rash on the side of my neck. No worries, I thought to myself. Allergies. I have environmental spring allerigies. It’s spring. Though here in Saskatchewan, there is still snow on the ground. So I couldn’t figure out what spring allergy it was. Then the people at work told me about snow mold. Yes, I thought they were pulling a fast one on the newbie too. They weren’t. It’s real. I googled it. Beautiful :l

I went out and bought allergy medicine extra strength and allergy lotion. The rash went up my face, my ears swelled up and spread around my neck.


The light is not great, but imagine the whole area red and blotchy with hives. The sidekick and my mother urged me to see a doctor. I said to wait. It’s an allergy. The allergy medicine will help. Three days later…..the allergy medicine was not helping. My face felt like it was on fire, the rash was around my neck and around my face. The tips of my ears were burning and swollen. My neck and face, (did not feel like my throat was swollen, just the neck), were swollen.

Living in a small rural town, we do have a walk-in clinic. The hours however are during the summer equinox between the minutes of 12:06 and 12:08. Okay, I exaggerate it’s not that bad. At least there is one. Living in a small town, the ER is actually used as a walk-in too because with only one walk-in with short hours – well you need to go somewhere for medical help. That is where you found me and the sidekick last night after much debate whether I was going to die from a swollen throat or not.

Walking into the ER, there was only one patient waiting to be registered. (much different then GTA hospitals). Turns out I actually kinda knew them. I know a few people. I have acquaintances here. I don’t have any girlfriends or friends yet after almost a year. Which makes having painting parties at our house that we are doing now, quite difficult. I miss my friends and family back home so much 😦

The patient was waiting with his stepfather, who actually is an ex pat from Ontario like us. It’s insane how many Ontarians are out here for jobs and affordability. Ontario, please take note of this. You are losing so many people. Rant over. He stated he didn’t mind it here. He had only seen his family twice because of the cost. I could definitely understand that. He was happy with his wife and children.

We waited on the seats for the receptionist to register us. (Not so different from GTA hospitals – the waiting) . The boy had a nose bleed that just wouldn’t stop. We of course asked if he had taken the tissue away to see if it had stopped. So he did. It hadn’t. We would like to take credit for him being seen so quickly πŸ™‚ Blood does gush fast from a nose….

Then it was my turn. The doctor looked at me. He couldn’t tell if it was an allergy or rosacea. (I have both). Nonetheless, I have never had a flare up of rosacea so intensely. It never entered my mind it could be from rosacea. The pain fluctuated between 4 and 6. My swollen ears were at a 7.

I was given two shots. One was an inter-muscular allergy injection. The other a steriod. Both given in my gluteus maximus. Thank gosh for butt fat!! Steroids hurts. Steroids burn. Athletes should be fined for stupidity as well as cheating if they use them. Why anyone would subject themselves to that burning on a on-going basis, definitely needs to have therapy about why.Β  The kid fell over laughing when I told her about the butt shots.Β  The support I get from family I tell ya …. πŸ˜‰

I was observed for about 45 minutes to see if the rash and swelling would go down. It didn’t. Or course.

The doctor looked at me. “You’re a puzzle” he said. I smiled. I always knew I was special. The steroid would work for another six hours in my body. Hopefully during the night the rash and swelling would go away.

For the next three days I’m on two types of allergy medicines. Hopefully the swelling and rash go. If not, I was given an antibiotic prescription for a rosacea infection. Which, apparently if this happens you are on the meds for three months.

Sigh…..I woke up to less itching but I think I’m going the rosacea route 😦

My question to you all – what is your story about rosacea and allergy reactions. Did you have an allergy reaction that stayed forever (at least in my mind it’s staying for tooooo long)? Or have you ever had a rosacea reaction that was intense like this? Let me know πŸ™‚

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