My journey in a small house.

On facebook, I think people were trying to figure out why for the past little while I was posting so much about small houses. They are actually making quite a mark on society right now. People are starting to live in them for different reasons. To be mortgage free, simpler way of life, of loss of income are just a few of the reasons.

We just moved into our small house. 600 sq feet of house. That’s right!! You read that perfectly!! No need for an eye test!! We moved into a 600 sq foot, 2 bedroom house with a washroom that is so tiny I can sit on the throne and brush my teeth at the same time. At least its not a 325 sq foot house!! Theres a family that did that. Crazy!!!


See, I wasn’t lying 🙂

I’ll be honest, we didn’t move into this house for the greater Earth good. Some people move into small houses because it’s better ecologically. We didn’t move into this house for the simpler life – though my cleaning is cut by 93% as it’s so small. That’s a plus.

We moved here for the plain and simple fact, it’s affordable. I’ve written before, when the sidekick lost his sight due to diabetes, our world got turned around. Finances were the biggest thing. Why we moved to Saskatchewan was the affordability. Getting this house – it was the affordability. We can afford life, and don’t use a food bank back home. (Sidenote, there are no food banks in my small town. I had to tell them what it was. There is just an organization that brings you food.) If I told you how much my mortgage is and how big my property is, your head would explode it’s that cheap!!!! It still slays my mind that our house is worth 3x as much back in Ontario in our old neighbourhood.

Is it an ideal situation? Honestly, no. There’s a lot of snow here and we are summer people not winter people, so we probably will be cooped up for a large part of the year. We have begun to let go of things that meant the world to us. We have begun to learn how to really downsize. Our garage sale this May is going to be KICK ASS!! Maybe enough for a moving truck back home LOL 🙂 JOKE…..maybe….. 😉

Maybe if the dimensions of the rooms were different it would be a little better. Forgive the mess but we just moved in 🙂 We also are trying to figure out storage ideas. We do not have a linen closet, so the ottoman in the living room is our towel storage! It’s been interesting coming up with ideas on how to store things.


This is the main bedroom. Our queen size bed is pushed up against the wall in order to have room to move. We only have two cupboards, and a small night table in our room. There is no more room for anything else.


The kids room also is really devoid of furntiure. Her bed is the main feature and she loves her bed 🙂


Our living room is just the right size. We had so much fun getting down to the original floors.


Small space but functional. The family photo was done by my friend Jennifer Gilbert. If you live in the GTA, check her out. She is a wonderful photographer as person. The photo montage was the first thing we put up 🙂



The kitchen is large, but no room for a small table. It’s a functional small kitchen.

That is our house – minus the horror set in the basement. We actually are the proud owners of a cistern. It is cement, and wierd and decidely an awesomeness piece of history of how people lived on the prairies. I shall take a picture of it for a later post 🙂

We are making due to our tiny house. It’s affordable, and I know Gail Vaz Oxlade would probably,hopefully give us accolades for making a move to gain better financial freedom 🙂

Though between you and me, I’m hoping for a miracle to go back home. I miss the convenciences of the GTA. It’s a hard life out here in the rural prairies. My hat is off to those who are living it. Imagine driving 3 hours just to go for a specialists appointment. I have a friend on twitter who has to drive 6. Way different life out here 🙂 But just like our tiny house, we will make it work somehow.

Crossing our fingers for a bigger ‘master’ bedroom though LOL!!!

2 thoughts on “My journey in a small house.

  1. That sure is small! I have seen this trending lately. So that’s why I clicked over from twitter to read this post. Small homes are a thing. It’s interesting to me. especially since I just upsized.

    • Thanks for commenting!! Since we are here, its been interesting but oh what i wouldnt give for a bigger master 🙂 my house isnt even that small compared to some families. Thats what crazy about this small house movement!

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