life moves on

This past week has been a really difficult week.  If this past decade I wouldn’t want to repeat, this past week I wish would disappear into the abyss of hades.

Sadly we are still currently trying to resolve the bullying issue at the kids school.  Bullying needs to be eradicated.  However, that will only happen when adults stop denying its existence.  Which should right now tell you how disgusted I am at the whole situation and the community.

For a long time as well, I’ve been close to a mental health issue.  Watching the struggles has made me think more about the inability of the world sometimes to really understand.  It’s not you, it’s not them.  It’s a matter of understanding the experience of what a person is going through.  It’s a matter of empathy if not understanding.  It makes me so sad the relationships that are strained or not good, due to people not understanding that those living with a mental health issue sometimes do not have control over their thoughts and actions.  It absolutely kills me.

We have so much to do before we can call ourselves a progressive society.

In the meantime, even though these thoughts and experiences are my reality…. life moves on for others.  The world is a funny place isn’t it?

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