Past Canadian Nudist Pacifists

Is my tittle alliteration? How many P’s do you need to have alliteration?  🙂

You ever have one of those weeks where you look at the world and think wth?!?!?  That was my week.  This weekend I knew we had to get out of the house and far away from where we live.

So today’s adventure saw us viewing the Doukhobor world of the early 20th century in Canada.  Long version – click the link to find out who they are.  Short version – they were hardcore Russian pacifists. Living under the Russian government at the time probably wasn’t the most ideal situation for them.  They immigrated to Canada.  In 1903 the group actually marched nude in protest against the government.  Pretty  shocking for that time period.  Because of their beliefs and protests, children were taken away from them.


Their motto

The Doukhobor village was actually pretty interesting.


The Prayer house.

They had a Tolstoy exhibit.


The bricks are not laying the ‘normal’ way. They are on the side.


The outside oven.


Ring around the rosey – Tolstoy statue 🙂


Dirt floor – for real. The bed goes from one wall to the other which must have made for interesting sleeping.

Though not exactly what I was hoping for a get away from reality, it was a really neat little historical village.  We were the only ones in the compound and had every building to ourselves.  Speaking with the employee who let us in, sometimes not a lot of people come and visit this area.  I guess because the proximity to other towns is not near.  Veregin once a town of 500, now has a population of 42.

I hope this week is better. I’m running out of close by attractions to flee to.

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