The past little while I’ve been going through a phase of thinking the world is the most asinine place to be. The kid went through bullying here and the constant meetings. Every time I turn on the news something horrid beyond horrid is happening. Every time I look at our local paper I read about stupidity. I find myself getting old because I don’t remember acting like the youth of today. It’s been exhausting πŸ™‚

Couple of weeks ago I was online when I came across a plea on our facebook city garage sale. A woman was asking if anyone had children’s allergy medicine. You might be wondering why I’m writing about this. There is a point. You see living in a small rural city, things shut down really early. Our mall closes most days at 6pm. The post office at Shoppers closes at 5 or 6. We do not have emergency dental. I think you have to drive minimum 2 hours to Regina or Manitoba. Just reading what I’ve written makes me miss Toronto even more 😦 Our hospital has an ER, but this wasn’t a case where she needed to go see a doctor. She just simply needed something that living in northern rural Canada, she couldn’t get that late at night.

What happened next made be smile πŸ™‚



That’s what this world is suppose to be about!! Not the drivel people seem to be showing each other 😦 So thank you ladies!! Thank you for reminding me there is hope for a better tomorrow!!

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