Entering contests will not pay for your bills in Canada

I’ve decided I need someone like Ellen DeGeneres in my life.  Before her receptionist was her receptionist, Jeannie entered into every single contest that Ellen had.  She won squat.  Ellen sent called her to say she still hadn’t won, but was sending her to a red carpet event.  As they sat on the red chairs talking about the experience, Ellen offered her a job of a every working non celebrity persons dream (at least my dream!!) of being close enough to celebrities to stalk meet them .  Plus Ellen sends her on cool little trips for work!!  I don’t know any other company that sends receptionists on work trips!!  I wonder if it’s at least business class…….

I remember a few years ago there was a show about people who won a whole bunch of stuff through contests.  That was a cool show.  From what I can tell though, the US has way more contests then Canada to enter.  That hasn’t stopped me though!!

I always have entered contests.  Now I have a little bit of a system down to keep track of it all. I’m entering everything I can!!


Current every day list. It’s exhausting keeping track of this stuff 😉


SO MANY CONTESTS!!!! This list of expired contests I and the kid have entered.

The kid and I have entered about 100 contests since I have started keeping track like this.


Most have been daily entries.  So 100 x 30 days in a month x 3 months average for each contest… carry the one … minus the 6… add the circumference of the sun … well, we’ve A LOT of contest entries.  Hilton, Aspirin, travelocity, 1dsummer, chrysler, Ford, trips, … The kid and I have made a good dent with all the businesses in Canada.

Contrary to the contest show, you cannot pay your bills while only entering contests.  I have only won one contest and that one was one I had to work really hard at it.  I’m quite proud of my yummy mummy club / playtex entry and you should go read it.

Though I haven’t won anything more yet, I’m gonna keep entering contests. Dreams can be dreamt with the winnings.  Hope can be visualized.  Life can be pondered more with a trip to some tropical beach. It’s free!!

You can’t win if you don’t enter 🙂

And I’ll keep waiting for my Ellen Degeneres!!




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