Menu’d challenged

We’re coming up to a year of living in Saskatchewan.  I’m not gonna lie – it’s been a tough year.  Depression, coldness, bullying (my heart still breaks over what the kid went through), family back home, friendships missed, etc…  We all, especially this winter of coldness, really liked our food.  And as I’m not the biggest fan (read I hate) of the cold and snow, we really didn’t go out and exercise the way we should have. I’m not going to write we should have done this or should have done that.  Or I should have done that or I should have done this for the family.   I do wonder about food addiction – it would explain a lot.  Life sometimes sucks the big one though.  We all make decisions that aren’t the best.  It is what it is.   What matters is what we do next.  ….  ….. ….. or what we at least try to do 🙂

I came up with the idea of a menu plan.  (I absolutely love the fact I’m taking credit of an idea that dieticians, doctors, and the medical field has been spouting for decades). One week at a time menu plan.  Honestly, if we did one for a month, we all would have run screaming in terror from the table from the effort we would have had to put in for it.

The three of us sat in front of the white board and started to discuss ideas. The kid might only be 12, but it’s important her opinion about what we put into our bodies counted. (Note: the sidekick and I had veto rights if candy was a daily serving suggestion).  I figure it’ll help her with food decisions in the future if she see’s how all of us try to make better decisions.

And holy batman was this hard to do.  Even though there are only three of us, the different personalities and different food likes became very apparent.  We also realized we aren’t very creative in the kitchen.  We apparently like our staples.  This hopefully will get us out of that rut and try new things. … … maybe … the kid is quite stubborn – a trait I blame on the sidekick.

We may not be nutritionists, but the sidekick and I took what we have learned the past mumble mumble years and tried for this first week to bring veggies to the front of our plates and carbs left behind on the shelf.  Little steps…. little steps… My taste buds are already missing the chips I vetoed from the sidekick 😦

Our white board looks like this.


Notice what the kid wrote under june 27th? 🙂

I think we’re menu challenged.  Is it suppose to look so scary?

I am all for this new change in our lives.  The sidekick has mixed feelings.  The kid – well I think she’s wondering how to write candy in my handwriting on the board.

I want to hear from other food/menu/challenged people.  You have the info, but you well .. lack the discipline 🙂   How do you do it?  How do you make your meals?  Do you have a food addiction?  Are you doing it on your own?  Honest truth please!!  I went to a nutritionist a couple months ago and she gave me a great relearn about what I already knew so that helped.  What has helped you?

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